Thursday, May 14, 2009

Water Missions International

Courtney and I drove down to Charleston, SC for training on how to put together and maintain the water filtration system that will be placed in Dantanli Nicaragua. First I want to describe to you what this organization does. Water Missions International is a great organization that follows Matthew 25, and gives the nations water when they are thirsty. WMI puts in the filter but there is much work that the community must go through before the filter will be placed. The Christian organizations, wether it is a single church or a group of churches of different denominations, they must work together before the filter will be placed. The organizations or churches are to build a non-profit organization thats purpose is to maintain the water filter in every way. Once this the organization is established the community needs to build a shelter that will protect the filter from: weather, animals, or any other types of dangers. So after an engineer takes a look at the circumstance of the water source the village will get their filter. They will keep the filter as long as they maintain it properly, and use it. WMI hopes that the organization will use this filling the physical needs as a way to fill the spiritual need of the Living Water; Jesus Christ. Courtney and I arrived at the office an hour before the training was going to begin. We were welcomed with open arms by our brothers and sisters. We were able to join the team at Water Missions in their time of prayer and devotion. Each morning the group shares their victories from the day before and their priorities for the coming day. As we went around the circle a second time we shared things that we are stuck with and need prayer for. Then we prayed and had a small devotion. After the devotion we split off into smaller groups. This was amazing!!! It was such a blessing to be a part of a group, without any questions or worries of judgement. Praise God for what he changes us into. A new creation.

Did you know that 25,000 people die from a lack of safe water and sanitation every day. Every day!! 25 x 365 9,125,000 people a year. That is a lot of people dying when we could do so much for them by giving them clean water. Water Missions has helped 40 different countries have clean water.

In Water Missions International's office there is a map that shows all of the countries that they have helped. Each number and yellow dot represents how many filters have been placed in each country.

During the training Courtney and I were able to see a water system being tested. We were also trained with a guy that was traveling to Peru to remove a system from a village and moving it to another. The village that is loosing the filter has not used it. They decided that they would rather keep getting the water from the river, and not have clean water. Gene, the volunteer who trained us, said that if there is to much chlorine flavor in the water they will not drink it. After we saw how the system worked we took it apart. Taking it apart was fun, many of us got wet. Well, okay so I sort of got Courtney a little wet when I took off the hoses from the manifold. But, it was an accident. *wink, wink* After a nice lunch with the volunteers at Water Missions Courtney and I finished up the day with packing up a system. So now we are even more aware of how exactly the system will look like when we see it in Nicaragua.

Here is a photo of us with the packaged system. Well part of it at least. Thanks to Volunteer Michael for taking the picture

God Bless until next time.

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