Monday, May 11, 2009

Less Than a Week

This time next week I will be in Managua, Nicaragua. It is truly hard to believe. I am still in shock, and slowly my mind is wrapping itself around the idea of three months in another country. I am amazed to see how God has blessed me and put people in my life to help me prepare for a moment such as this one. So, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has influenced me, everyone whom God has used to encourage me, strengthen me, and guided me. This week as I have packed it has been a journey through my four years at Gardner-Webb. This place has been my second home. So I have made piles of, "things going home","Things going to Nicaragua", "Things to trash", and "Things to give away." I believe that I have had a very lucky experience at Gardner-Webb that most people do not get. Freshmen year I was given an older brother and sister, people to look out for me while they were here. One of which was the one who got me into photography. So, a big thank you to Kaylin Bowers.

Sunday at Broad River Community Church I was prayed over by my community that I have been apart of for over 2 years. They laid hands on me and I felt the love that God has for them, and for me through those hands. I pray that this memory does not leave me. It tells me of their love and support for me. I will not see them for three long months but, BRCC will be forever in my prayers. I love that community with all of my heart. And I praise God for them, for their support guidance, This community has been such a light to me, other students, and the community of Cleveland County. Their truth will shine through any darkness, because it is the truth of Jesus Christ. I was saying goodbye to one of the members who has been a large part of my life for the last year or so, and I was telling her I was nervous. And she said just walk, and I would be okay, Just walk. What a simple and grand thing to try to do. Walk: to move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet of the ground at once. Walking one step at a time, slowly remembering to have one foot on the ground at a time rooted in the truth and strength of Jesus Christ. So I pray as I finish out this week with training and traveling I pray that I walk, walk to the truth, and into light. Knowing and believing that Christ is right there with me every and all day no matter what. So I beg of you also to walk. Walk at a regular pace, never having both feet of the ground.

Yesterday night was the hardest yet to say goodbye to someone. I said goodbye to two of my roommates. And thinking of them right now is bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, I will see them again. But, one will be married when I see her next, and the other one will be finishing up his time with the AmeriCorps shortly after my return. Last night Sam was giving me all of this false advice that, was nothing less than hilarious. And that was more difficult to sit through than the hug and bye.

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