Thursday, May 21, 2009

Somoza and History

Today I woke up, and had another great breakfast of fruit and gallo pinto, egg, and fried plantains. A little after that Courtney and I had a history lesson from Rodney. It was a lot to learn in a short matter of time but it was very important. Now we know a little more about the people we are trying to build relationships with. After the lesson we went to Somoza's old house which has been turned into a park. It was interesting to see.

Then after that we went to see Old Managua. We saw the old Cathedral that was left but no one can enter it. It is a beautiful building. There was so much detail everywhere. I can only wonder how it looked when it was still in use. There was an earthquake that destroyed part of Managua. And now there are buildings that are condemned but people still live in them. These photos have been edited if you were wondering. Only the ones of the Cathedral.

There was a boy there, that I thought could have been maybe in his teens which probably means he was a little older. He made Courtney and me each a flour. The flower was made out of a stalk of some sort. It was interesting driving down there. Rodney had said that we would see if it was okay to get out of the car because it is a dangerous part of town. And when we arrive at the Cathedral he says okay get out you'll be fine. Great right. But we were fine. There was no problem.

After we left that part of the city we went back to the house. Where Rodney proceeded to make a Mango Cobbler. After dinner, we had the cobbler for dessert with some vanilla ice cream. Me gusta mucho. It was amazing. I do not think I can eat another cobbler again. It was the best thing I have eaten for dessert for a long time. Courtney and I were able to talk to Joey and I was able to talk to my mom. Both conversations were a blessing.

Tomorrow we go to Jinotega. I am not sure how I can leave Gio and Rodney. But, I will have to. They have adopted us as their family and It has been a great way to enter into another country. But at the same time it has not felt like another country because a lot of English has been spoken. Tomorrow less English. I hope at least

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  1. It will be fine, I think that it was interesting about the kid, probably was in his early 20s people in Latin America tend to look younger but are older who knows why. I think the bad heating habits