Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today was a very uneventful day. We did not go to the morning service at Shalom Baptist Church because unforeseen circumstances. But, the rain started again around 1:30ish. And around 2ish I went on a walk with Amada. Amada is part of the music school in Jinotega. She was the only girl that came to the North Carolina when the school came in April. We walked around just talking. Then I went to the bookstore. and we were caught in the rain. We waited about 10 minutes in the store to walk a block and wait about another 10-20 minutes for the rain to lighten up a little then we walked back to the hotel. Courtney and I went to Shalom for their evening service at 5pm. It was a good service for not being able to understand most of it. But, it was cool because we go the concept and that is what matters. But also I could feel the presence of God in the building and could see it in the faces of the people. It was sort of weird because not only did I not know everyone but we can not communicate as freely as we want to. But it was fine. I am trying to get used to the looks that I get. I am not saying that I am the only one who will come and girls will get looks, but I am 5'11". Most women are not this tall, especially in Nicaragua. But it is okay. It is who I am and that just means I can help shorter people reach things on the top shelf at the store. Tomorrow we go to the Town Hall and I guess that we are starting what we came here to do. I have been ready to start working because I am not good at sitting in a room all day and doing nothing.

So we apparently are getting treated like presidential guests. It is crazy, I never have been treated like this before. One of the waiters Domingo, is wonderful. He has been our waiter for the weekend. He is such a hard worker. His spirit just overflows and it is wonderful. It makes me want to be his friend so much. Courtney and I have started teaching little English to Fany and Victoria. Just small things. But it is a start.

Today there was a party in the hotel's restaurant. It was a catered event for a baptism. It was interesting seeing all these people here. Sort of funny. There was a guy who stopped me an asked why I was here. He said if I wanted to help Nicaraguans, I need to get them to work. I agree with him. People need to work and not live off of handouts. Anyways tomorrow we start and I am very excited.

Miss you all

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