Thursday, May 28, 2009

Café con Fanny

After returning from the music school concert we went to a cafe less than a block away from the hotel with Fanny, Pamba. It was a nice treat to go and spend time outside of the hotel. We were able to talk about different types of Nicaraguan food. And I told her that I wanted to eat typical Nicaraguan food. So she said that we would eat a typical Nicaraguan dinner tomorrow. I am so excited about that. I love the food in the hotel but I do not want to isolate myself in it, especially with meals. I am glad that they are free but, I have money that I can spend on food. Courtney had a pastry called a pico. It is a very traditional pastry to eat. It has cheese and some spices in it. the flavor reminds me of something but I do not know what. I keep ordering pastries with Pineapple. Because it is expensive in the states to buy pineapple and because it is rare to find pastries with pineapple in them.

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