Sunday, May 31, 2009

Morning of Misunderstandings……..

We did not eng up going with the music school today. So Courtney and I decided to go to the morning service at Shalom. So we were getting ready and Courtney went out for breakfast and the people in the hotel said that nothing at the church started at 10. So we decided that we will not go and get back into our beds. We receive a phone call, we were told that they talked to Fanny and the service does start at 10. By the time of the phone call was made it was 9:50/ So we did not go to the service. Amada was suppose to call us so that we could do something, but she never called. Which maybe part of the culture but I am not sure. But, Tere had also invited us to go with her to the social club for lunch with her but because we were going to spend time with Amada. I said no to the invite. I never know if to say yes or to say no to Tere’s invitations

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