Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final Week

Today I went with the group from Shelby, NC to see 7 people get baptized. Later on we are going to Fanny´s house and after that I am going to Managua and then Esteli tomorrow. Tuesday we go to Datanli and Thursday morning we hed to Managua. I do not know how much about this week but we will see.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to Jinotega

I stayed an extra day in Managua with Gio, Rodney and Rodney's friend and her two boys. It was rather fun. But I am about to leave the house to go to Mayo Reo the bus station for the north. Love you all


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All is good.

Okay, So here is what is going on. I went on a vacation with my friend Tara when she arrived in Nicaragua. I did not have internet for a week. After that I arrived in Jinotega with no internet again. Tara left today and I am still in Managua. I will be leaving in the morning. I did not know that the family I am living with has internet. It is a older computer, so Skype could be out of the question, I am not sure. I will try to check my email everyday. I will update my blog as soon as I can. Photos might not appear, but I will try.

Love you all and don't worry I am fine. At this moment I am waiting for a group of doctors to come to Jinotega, I will work with them. Then on the 8th of August I will be returninng to Managua to welcome the group from Shelby.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tomorrow morning Isidro, Tara, and I will be going to Ometepe. We will be leaving at 6 and arriving in Moyogalpa around noonish. After that we will be traveling to Altagracia, for the night. That is the start of our vacation. I do not know how much Internet access I will have. So I will either talk to you soon or later.
Saturday we will be returning to Managua to spend the night and Sunday night also in Managua with Gio and Rodney. Monday we will return to Jinotega. I am excited because I will be able to do some of the things I wanted to do, and Tara will get to do what she wanted to do.


Tara Coming Courtney Leaving

Yesterday the 13, Courtney and My friend Tara flew in. Sadly Courtney left today. Tara is a better friend to Courtney then me. Yesterday, we took a bus from Jinotega at about 1:30. Courtney and I arrived in Managua and took a taxi from the bus station to their house in Altos de Najapas. We just hung out until Jimmy one of Gio's drivers arrived to pick us up and take us to the airport.
We arrived at the airport and we waited for Tara's flight to land. Once we saw Tara, Courtney was almost jumping up and down. Okay, so she was not really jumping up in down, but inside I think she was. We got back to the house and hung out for a little bit. Courtney could not find her camera and so it is now in the hands of someone else. I mean it happens but it stinks at the same time. Tara and Courtney stayed up and talked and I hung out with Gio and Rodney.

We woke up early this morning to take Courtney to the airport. Rodney droves us there, we hungout for about and hour. Tara and I walked her through to security check point and she was off. After that we waited for Isidro to arrive in Managua. After, he arrived we all decided that we wanted to stay another night in Managua with Gio and Rodney. Gio wanted to see a movie and so we went to the mall, and saw Boy in the stripped pajamas. It was an interesting experince going to the mall. I have not seen so many gringo, in Nicaragua at one time, except for the airport. The airport and the mall have the most gringos. I feel very odd being at both places.

We ate at the foodcourt and had pizza. How American can you be right? What an experince for Tara, her first day in Nicaragua, going to the airport, and the mall and a movie in one day. Sort of random. While we were eating Rodney was talking about his NGO all of which I already know so I decided just to talk to Gio and Isidro. I figured that I was going to be translating a lot so I did not want to speak English when I did not have to.

So here is the first day of my andventure of Ometepe.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Safe and Sound

Courtney and I arrived safe and sound this afternoon in Managua. We took the bus and a taxi to Rodney's house. We ate dinner and then Jimmy one of Gio's drivers took us to the airport to wait for Tara. It is a very interesting feeling to be waiting for someone in the airport. I know I have had to do this in the past, but not for a very long time, and never in a foregin country. I am pretty excited that I will be able to do this again in August. Tara is here and she is safe for all who know her, and who are worried about her arrival. Isidro arrives tomorrow after Courtney leaves for the states. We think we might go and see a movie in the theaters. Wednesday I think we will go Granada, and possible with Rodney and Gio. Tomorrow Tara and I are going to plan our week with Isidro. So all is well and we will be in touch. Love you all


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Situation updated

We have a place to live. It is in a safe part of Jinotega. The house is owned by Andy, Tere's nephew. The police station is right down the street. We will be living as if that was our house. We will have a key and can come and go as we please. We have been told that this is not a burden on them. Andy owns the Coffee Plantation we visited about a month ago. We will be moving over there tomorrow or Friday. They have internet at the house so we will be able to communicate the same as we have been. Everyday will be just as it has been. Wednesday next week we are traveling to Managua because Tara our friend from the states is flying in. We have planned a week vacation for ourselves. Here is the details about it. We also will be having someone from Nicaragua with us everyday of the trip, his name is Insidro, he is a friend and works at the hotel. Also, Rodney will be taking us to Granada and possibly spending the time with us there. When we travel to Ometepe Andy and his friend will be visiting a uncle who owns one of hotels on the island.

Wed 15
Travel to Managua, Rodney and Gio pick us up from the bus station.
Hang out in Managua, Tara arrives around 6pm
Sleep at Rodney's house

Thursday 16
Leave in the morning for Granada
Staying at Hostel Oasis
Explore the city, with Insidro and Rodney and Gio

Friday 17
7:30 Picked up by Mombotour for our Canopy and Kayaking tours
Lunch is provided with the group
Stay at Hostel Oasis

Saturday 18
Leave early in the morning with Insidro to go to Rivas and then San Jorge - by bus
Arrive at San Jorge take ferry to Omepete Island.
Arrive in the city of Moyogalpa.
Stay at Hotelito Restaurante Aly 505-2569-4196

Sunday 19
Travel to Charco Verde where we meet up with Andy and Achilles. Spend the morning and early afternoon there.
Travel to Finca Magdalena -
Explore Coffee Plantation

Monday 20
Leave early in the morning for San Ramon Waterfall
Spend the morning and early afternoon there
Travel back to Finca Magdalena for the night.

Tuesday 21
Travel to Altagracia.
Go to the water eye for a relaxing day at the natural fresh water pool.
Travel to Port Gracia and spend the afternoon and early evening.

Wednesday 22. Ferry leaves for Granada at 12:30am.
Leave the Island of Ometepe and arrive at Granada. From Granada we take a bus back to Managua where we meet up with Rodney and Gio for lunch.
From Managua we take the bus back to Jinotega and arrive about 5 or 6 in the evening.

We will be safe. We will have a local with us every second of the day. And through out the week there are others that will be with us to. So please do not worry. I will have my phone. And if anything happens we can travel back to Moyogalpa to leave the same day. We have back up plans also if something happens.

Please pray that God guides us. We have done some work but there is much to be done. Love you all