Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hospital and Dental Clinic

Today Miguel took us to the Hospital and the Dental Clinic. We were able to meet with Erwin Rayo the director of the hospital. We were able to ask the questions that Dr. Boudreau needed and the questions that Rodney was needing for us. So we now know that if we get hurt or seriously sick the hospital's ambulance will be able to take us to Managua. Just in case anything happens. Which I pray that it doesn't. So now when Dr. Boudreau comes we will have a meeting with the orthopedic doctors and they will discuss experience, equipment that they might need, so that one day Dr. Boudreau might be able to work with the Hospital here in Jinotega. I forget sometimes that if you say you are going to meet at 11 that the time might really be 12 or later. Courtney and I waited for about half an hour for Miguel. Which is perfectly fine. He said he was late because he was with people from church and they just kept talking. I understand that, if you know me at all, it takes me a while to leave church.

We also went to the Dental Clinic that is sponsored by the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association. We got to see their rooms and meet one of the Doctors. It seems like a really nice place. The one thing that I have noticed is that there are a few Dental Clinics. I know the one at the hospital is free. But, should there be three or four other clinics if there is one for free? was nice to see something that the GCCBA has been a part of.

We also stopped by the Police Department but the chief was not there and so we did not talk to anyone really. Miguel just told one of the officers why we were there, and who we are. So tomorrow we are going back to the Police station to meet with him. Then we ventured over to Miguel's church and then to the bank. Once in the bank, I started to get a little light headed. What a nice reminder that I need to drink water even when it is raining. But we got back to the hotel. I was able to guess my way back with Miguel's help. So I am slowing learning the city. Slowly but surely I will know where things are. And then the next day I will be leaving. :) That would be my luck.
Amada stopped by the Hotel today. She invited us to go to the Music School for a concert they are doing for Mother's Day. I am excited. We will be able to see some of the people that we met in Shelby. So hopefully that will give us more people to hang out with.
Courtney found out today that Joey told someone at the Shalom Baptist Church that we would start an English Class. Which is all well and good. I mean, if I am going to teach English with the Peace Corps the more experience the better. So bring on the classes.

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