Monday, May 25, 2009

La Casa de Don Colocho Pasteleria

Today at 10:30 Courtney and I went on our first venture by ourselves. We walked south half a block and west 1.5 blocks to a local pastry shop. It is a very cute little shop with tables large enough that Courtney and I would be able to sit and do some work while we are there. I have found my coffee shop. I think I might go there often. I ordered a pastry with pineapple filling and what they call a Caramel Frappuccino and it was amazing. Both the pastry and the drink cost 30 Cordovas which is a buck fifty. Outside the Pastereria is a school. I do not know what age but while we were sitting next to the window you could here the laughter of the children. It was a good background noise. So sorry to Broad River Coffee Company I do not know if I could ever spend almost 4 dollars on a Frappe any more. :) Yesterday while Courtney and i were waiting for dinner I pulled out my dictionary and said okay the word of the day is......manñoso which means skillful. So we went back and forth picking words of the the dictionary . It was fun. We picked on guys saying that they are skillful at not knowing Moda which means fashion. First word for today is mecedora a rocking chair. Second Lesionar - to injure. I really need to know that word. lol.


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