Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jinotega Here We Come

Friday is the day that we travel up to Jinotega. I am very excited about it. So we call Miguel this morning again. We have been calling him once or twice a day since we have been here. But we have had no answer. So finally he calls us. He says that he has been in the mountains and that he can not get us today. So...Rodney says that he is able to get take us to Jinotega. Praise God for his free time. So we packed up our stuff which made us sweet soo much and we started our journey to Jinotega. Yes, I say journey because it was a journey. We started off going to the bank so Rodney can get money for his residency card. So we say the mall that the bank was in. there was a McDonalds. I really do not want to eat at an American restaurant while in Nicaragua. Anyways so we get the money that Rodney needs and then we all go to immigration. So we pull into this parking lot that is not really for the immigration office. Rodney and Gio know this but it is the safer parking lot. But we walk over to the office and there are people calling at us trying to see if we need photos, or anything for the immigration process. It was interesting. But the nice little finger shake helped a lot with keeping people from coming up and bothering us. So Courtney and I sat and watched Gio and Rodney run from office to office. Finally, Rodney cam and sat down and said that now they have to pay with dollars not cordóvas. So now we had to wait for Gio to go and come back. Rodney explained to us that going to the movies is like the same thing. You have to go to one person get a piece of paper that says what movie you want to watch and then you go to someone else who takes that paper and gives you the ticket. Then if you want anything like popcorn and a drink you go to a person who marks off what you want. Then you take it to a person who gives you the popcorn and signs the paper saying you have received it, and you go through the same process for the drink. The reason it is like this, we were told is because They needed to create jobs for people. Sort of an alphabet soup type of thing but to an extreme. Anyways, Gio cam back and they paid what they had to and Go then went into an office and came out with a 5 year residency card and a piece of paper saying that they will get their money back in a month. It was awesome that he got that. Like many things in life it is about who you know. Which it should not be but it is. After that Courtney and I wanted to take Gio and Rodney to lunch. We were going to eat at the food court but because we all wanted pizza we decided that we should go to Pizza Hut. So there goes my choice of not eating in a American restaurant.
After Lunch we were off to Jinotega. The road to Jinotega, Beautiful, and wonderfully serene, I feel asleep for the first hour in a half, i think. But once I cam back the scenery was beautiful. All along the Pan-American Highway there were several little towns. You could tell that all of them were very poor. On the way when we would find out how long we were away from Jinotega, I would get really excited about being near but then realizing that Rodney and Gio wee going to leave us. I felt like my first time going to week long camp. Ohh if you read Courtney's blog she wrote it before me but I said it in the car. She stole my thought. Anyways. but the feeling of seeing Jinotega and then realizing that we are being left there. But, we will see them soon, which is great.
Well....we arrived at the Hotel and set up or room. We saw Jimmy and Jr's room. We almost got that room. But.. we said that we can not take that one because that is Jimmy's. No not really. That room was not even an option. We are now in the room right next to the kitchen. Room 18. It is nice. There were no dressers so we made do, and then Tere gave us dressers.

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