Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Beginning

There's the about how my life got turned upside down...... okay seriously.. let me tell you the details about how this summer came about. Shelby, NC has a sister city, Jinotega, Nicaragua. For several years now groups have been going down to Jinotega. The Mayor of Shelby, has been a participant in these trips. He approached Spanish professors at Gardner-Webb University to see if any one would be willing to go to Jinotega and act as a liaison between Jinotega and Shelby. So, in the fall Dr. Moore came to me and told me about this opportunity to spend the summer in Nicaragua. I met with the mayor and began a process of prayer and meditation. So... along came the month of March and Courtney and I bought our tickets for the summer.

We are Leaving May 19 and returning August 15. Which Means less than 9 days.

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