Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peace Corps Interview

So today was my Peace Corps interview. I was not that nervous about the interview. Before I got the phone call I gave it up to God. I know that if God wants me in the Peace Corps he will allow me to be and if he doesn't than I will not be. I also prayed that if I am not suppose to be in the Peace Corps that he would take the desire away from my heart. So my recruiter and I talked about things. She explained the process a little bit more into detail. She explained that she will put together a recommendation, and then my file is sent off to D.C. where after my background check and my medical checks are done, they will hopefully send me an invitation. My recruiter said that I am a strong candidate for teaching english. The next time a group goes for teaching english is in July to Eastern Europe.
Some of the questions she asked me were like,"What do you do when you are bored or lonely," "How does your family feel about you volunteering."
The good thing about this is that July is when I would have to start paying back my loans. So if it works out it would be great timing. So now I wait. And when I get back in August I have to go to the doctor for all of the medical stuff. Which, I have been told if I can live through that I can live through everything.


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