Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a wonderful night of sleep. I slept sooo good. I woke up and went into the kitchen and sat at the table to read my Bible. I have this thing that is 30 days with Jesus and then 60 days with Paul. I also am going to do a study on Philippians. Then I ate this marvelous breakfast that consisted of a plate of fruit including; pineapple, watermelon, and a banana. After that I had 1 egg, some fried plantains, and gallo pinto. It was a wonderful breakfast but rather large. So later that day Courtney and I asked Gio if she could lesson the portion of fruit if we were going to eat everything else too, and it was good after that. The fried plantains were sooooo good. She gave us this cream to eat with them it was not that good. So we did not eat that again. After everyone ate and we were all ready to go we went to the Volcano at Masaya. It was really cool. There are 3 or 4 volcanoes in row. One was filled in. There is a cross there that there are a couple of theories about why it is there.

I can only remember one and it was because when explores came they thought that they found the gates of hell so they marked it with a cross.

You could taste the sulfur a little bit but it was not bad. Rodney has been wanting to do an interview with us. Something that can be put together as a presentation. He wanted to interview us when we first arrived, during our work, and right before we leave. So people can see our different perspectives of everything. So we started the interview and then one of the park rangers came up so say that we were not able to do this. We began to question why and everything and he said that you can only can film for personal use. We explained that we are only using this for personal use but he did not believe us. Mainly this was the case because we are gringos with a nice video camera.

So we hang out for a little longer so see if the ranger's superiors say we can but they continue to say no. So we walk down the stairs and hang out for a little bit longer. Ohh before we went up to the cross, were were at the side of volcano and Courtney got up on a pile of lava rocks and said, "I'm on tome of the world," perfectly normal I rad up and pretended slash actually push her down and I fell and hurt myself. Silly me so I have a picture of my first injury in the country.

We ended up just leaving after trying again with the interview but the wind was too strong. So we left and went back to the house. Rodney took us to meet the Wisconsin Nicaraguan Partners. Apparently Nicaragua is the sister country of Wisconsin. Would we have ever been told this by someone we work with here no. Rodney told us this about a week ago when we met him in the states. Then we went back to the house and hung out. Ate chicken and yellow rice. Another wonderful meal. It was soooo God.

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  1. .. I think that was bad that the guy didn't let you film bc ur were gringos (i don't like that word).. anyways I think it was wrong but oh well