Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the Nicaraguan Mother's Day. Mother's day is celebrated with many flowers, all over the place. The entire lobby of the hotel smelled like roses and other flowers. Tere invited us to eat lunch with her son and her 2 grandchildren. One of the grandchildren Chris if 5 years old. He was shy from the beginning. He acted like any other 5 year old that I have met.
Tere's son was in the American Air Force for 6 years. And he got his citizenship. I think that is really cool that he did that. After that we went back to our room for a nap.
Then, as a traditional afternoon snack, Courtney and I walked to a cafe and bought some pico, and ice cream and made coffee drinks and ate pico. It was great!!!!
After that we did not really do anything in particular.

Then we ate dinner around 7 something. Before that Marwell came by and we talked to him about English classes at the church. Right after he left Amada stopped by and told us that she was feeling ill and she was not going to go tonight. So Courtney and I did not go either, and then we also found out that the truck the school was going to use is broken. So they are not going tomorrow either. So our weekend plans just went up in the air.


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