Friday, May 29, 2009

Amada's English Class

Tonight Courtney and i went with amada to her English Class. Amada teaches a couple of women English tow nights during the week. Amada asked us to go to her classs so her students will get to speak with native speakers. Finally, I am a natural at It was interesting to sit and speak with them. There was few awkward moments, waiting for someone to talk about. Because we did not know what they know, and we did not know what topic we to talk about.

After a few minutes passed and the awkwardness faded, and we began to talk about family, music, politics and religion. They asked us what we thought about Obama and if we had voted for him. So we discussed our thoughts. It was interesting to tell someone who lives in a country where abortion is illegal, what Obama's view on abortion. One of the women has been married for over thirty years, has four boys, 2 of them are in their late 20's and 2 of them are younger than 10 years old. The craziness does not stop there; she has 2 dogs, 4 or 5 birds, 2 squirrels, and an animal that she really doesn't know what it is, it is a mixture of a wolf and something else.

At times is was difficult for them to understand me because I speak so quickly sometimes. There northern in me comes out sometimes and it is difficult for native speakers to understand. Amada acted as our mediator. When we did not understand something that they said in Spanish she explained it to us and the same for the two women.

After we finished the class, Amada took us to a store. There are many little general stores all over the place. I am excited about the little stores. I have always wanted to life in a place where everything is within walking distance. And everything that I need at the moment is within walking distance. So Courtney and I bought some Oreos and milk. We had a traditional American dessert/late night snack, and it was Glorious.


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