Sunday, May 31, 2009

Greet Each Other With a Holy Kiss

We went to church with Fanny. The service was especially for mothers, because Saturday was the Nicaraguan Mother’s Day. The pastor asked for all of the mothers to come up and have everyone show their affection by giving them a hug and wishing them a happy mother’s day. I have never been or kissed by so many people at once in my life. IIf you do not know Nicaraguan culture is like may others, in how you greet and say goodbye. It is customary to give a kiss on the cheek, which many times ends up being like two cheeks touching and you either kiss you are or kiss the cheek with the side of your mouth. Greet each other with a holy kiss.

As we were leaving church we stopped and spoke with Marwell. We were able to decide on a time for English Classes Mondays at 5 for the children and Wednesdays at 5 for youth and adults. Now these classes are going to be different, because I think that we will be teaching not only how to speak English but how to read and write. But, I do not know how to teach that. So we will see how that works.

Miguel is coming tomorrow to talk about the water project. So we will se him at 8 in the morning. What else might could happen tomorrow I do not know.

Morning of Misunderstandings……..

We did not eng up going with the music school today. So Courtney and I decided to go to the morning service at Shalom. So we were getting ready and Courtney went out for breakfast and the people in the hotel said that nothing at the church started at 10. So we decided that we will not go and get back into our beds. We receive a phone call, we were told that they talked to Fanny and the service does start at 10. By the time of the phone call was made it was 9:50/ So we did not go to the service. Amada was suppose to call us so that we could do something, but she never called. Which maybe part of the culture but I am not sure. But, Tere had also invited us to go with her to the social club for lunch with her but because we were going to spend time with Amada. I said no to the invite. I never know if to say yes or to say no to Tere’s invitations

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the Nicaraguan Mother's Day. Mother's day is celebrated with many flowers, all over the place. The entire lobby of the hotel smelled like roses and other flowers. Tere invited us to eat lunch with her son and her 2 grandchildren. One of the grandchildren Chris if 5 years old. He was shy from the beginning. He acted like any other 5 year old that I have met.
Tere's son was in the American Air Force for 6 years. And he got his citizenship. I think that is really cool that he did that. After that we went back to our room for a nap.
Then, as a traditional afternoon snack, Courtney and I walked to a cafe and bought some pico, and ice cream and made coffee drinks and ate pico. It was great!!!!
After that we did not really do anything in particular.

Then we ate dinner around 7 something. Before that Marwell came by and we talked to him about English classes at the church. Right after he left Amada stopped by and told us that she was feeling ill and she was not going to go tonight. So Courtney and I did not go either, and then we also found out that the truck the school was going to use is broken. So they are not going tomorrow either. So our weekend plans just went up in the air.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Amada's English Class

Tonight Courtney and i went with amada to her English Class. Amada teaches a couple of women English tow nights during the week. Amada asked us to go to her classs so her students will get to speak with native speakers. Finally, I am a natural at It was interesting to sit and speak with them. There was few awkward moments, waiting for someone to talk about. Because we did not know what they know, and we did not know what topic we to talk about.

After a few minutes passed and the awkwardness faded, and we began to talk about family, music, politics and religion. They asked us what we thought about Obama and if we had voted for him. So we discussed our thoughts. It was interesting to tell someone who lives in a country where abortion is illegal, what Obama's view on abortion. One of the women has been married for over thirty years, has four boys, 2 of them are in their late 20's and 2 of them are younger than 10 years old. The craziness does not stop there; she has 2 dogs, 4 or 5 birds, 2 squirrels, and an animal that she really doesn't know what it is, it is a mixture of a wolf and something else.

At times is was difficult for them to understand me because I speak so quickly sometimes. There northern in me comes out sometimes and it is difficult for native speakers to understand. Amada acted as our mediator. When we did not understand something that they said in Spanish she explained it to us and the same for the two women.

After we finished the class, Amada took us to a store. There are many little general stores all over the place. I am excited about the little stores. I have always wanted to life in a place where everything is within walking distance. And everything that I need at the moment is within walking distance. So Courtney and I bought some Oreos and milk. We had a traditional American dessert/late night snack, and it was Glorious.


Venturing Out Into the City

So I have been sick of staying in the hotel all of the time. I like it a lot don't get me wrong but I am sick and tired of being inside. So I went out and walked around with my camera and took some pictures. Courtney did not want to go so I did it by myself. I did not take many photos, and I was not out walking very long either. It was when everyone was eating lunch so there were not many people out on the streets and it was rather warm. And It did not rain today. I do not know why but the rain helps cool everything down but there was no rain.

After, I got back I ate lunch and then taught more English. We reviewed the verbs that they learned yesterday and practiced using them. Asking each other questions. They are learning quickly and I get really excited when they do well. I could get used to this teaching English thing.


So life Fanny promised Courtney and I ate a traditional Nicaraguan meal. Nacatamal is rice, veggies, pork or chicken. It is traditional eaten only on the weekends for dinner. I think because it is a little bit more expensive and more of a hearty meal. It has this weird texture, like the rice is soft and small enough that it has the texture of cus cus. I liked ti very much. I could eat that on the weekends. Maybe I could ask Sona if she would make it, and even teach me how to make it. It was wonderful, eating traditional American food.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Café con Fanny

After returning from the music school concert we went to a cafe less than a block away from the hotel with Fanny, Pamba. It was a nice treat to go and spend time outside of the hotel. We were able to talk about different types of Nicaraguan food. And I told her that I wanted to eat typical Nicaraguan food. So she said that we would eat a typical Nicaraguan dinner tomorrow. I am so excited about that. I love the food in the hotel but I do not want to isolate myself in it, especially with meals. I am glad that they are free but, I have money that I can spend on food. Courtney had a pastry called a pico. It is a very traditional pastry to eat. It has cheese and some spices in it. the flavor reminds me of something but I do not know what. I keep ordering pastries with Pineapple. Because it is expensive in the states to buy pineapple and because it is rare to find pastries with pineapple in them.

Mother's Day Celebration

May 30 is Mother's Day in Nicaragua. The Music School invited Courtney and me to their concert that they were having for the student's mothers. It was nice seeing people that I have meet before. There were many that I did not remember or did not know. It was a lot of fun. The music was beautiful, many songs would have been great to dance to.

There was a guy who read some poems. His voice would be perfect for the radio advertisements you hear when the cars drive by. Anyways he read a couple then the students played, and then he read another one. It was a lot more comical than the other poems. It was basically more about loving women, and I think hitting on them in different ways. Not exactly sure. But, he went around asking people different questions and at the end he got to me and he asked me in english were am I from and after I answered he said that he loves me and something about my fragrance falls from the sky.... I'm not really sure. It was a little
embarrassing but funny at the same time.

All of the banners were on the walls along with the pictures. After the concert we were invited to go with the school on Sunday to play at another place. So we agreed that we would go. Which means we have to be ready by 6:30. Wonderful!!!! We also were invited to go to the Disco with some of the students on Saturday night. So late on Saturday night and early on Sunday Morning. I will be okay. All I know is that when I return I will have a nice long nap.

Another Class

I love teaching English. Today was about all about the present tense. So far it is not that difficult to teach English. But I do have a feeling that I am going to eat my words pretty soon. So the present tense, is not that difficult, at least I do not think so. All you have to remember at the moment is that He/she/it has an "s" on the verb. For example
I eat
You eat
He/She/It eats
They eat
We eat

Do is an interesting word. I feel like today will be a difficult day trying to explain what it means. And that it is used for many, many different things.

I thank God that I am a native English speaker. It would be a pain to have to learn English as a second language. Tomorrow we work on questions. I will let you know know that works out.


If you have been wondering about an address well I do have one. I would not send packages but if you wanted to send a letter you are more than welcome to. I would enjoy it very much if you did. So here it is. Include the Telephone number as well because it will be safer that way.

Jessica Jones
Hotél Cafe
De la texaco 1 cuadra al Oeste
1/2 Cuadra al Norte
Jinotega, Nicaragua
Tel. 7822710

Ode to the Nica Mutt

While teaching English I received an email from Rrodney that included this poem. It is a funny poem that his friend Ian wrote while serving in the Peace Corps. So I hope you enjoy this little treat of humor. I know Courtney and I did.

Ode to the Nica Mutt

You have the head of a pit bull and the body of a wiener dog
Your lineage is more confusing that "Spaceballs" Mawg.

With a monstrous head that is twice your body's girth
I can't imagine how your scrawny mama ever gave birth.

Nipples so saggy they drag on the floor
It's a wonder your puppies come back for more.

With ribs protruding, eating anything is a must,
I'll bet you could chew up barbed wire and crap out rust.

For now Nica Mutt, you can be my best friend,
But you'll be back on the street when my service ends.

"Dedicated to all the suffering mutts around the World. There IS a doggie heaven"

Ian Wood

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hospital and Dental Clinic

Today Miguel took us to the Hospital and the Dental Clinic. We were able to meet with Erwin Rayo the director of the hospital. We were able to ask the questions that Dr. Boudreau needed and the questions that Rodney was needing for us. So we now know that if we get hurt or seriously sick the hospital's ambulance will be able to take us to Managua. Just in case anything happens. Which I pray that it doesn't. So now when Dr. Boudreau comes we will have a meeting with the orthopedic doctors and they will discuss experience, equipment that they might need, so that one day Dr. Boudreau might be able to work with the Hospital here in Jinotega. I forget sometimes that if you say you are going to meet at 11 that the time might really be 12 or later. Courtney and I waited for about half an hour for Miguel. Which is perfectly fine. He said he was late because he was with people from church and they just kept talking. I understand that, if you know me at all, it takes me a while to leave church.

We also went to the Dental Clinic that is sponsored by the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association. We got to see their rooms and meet one of the Doctors. It seems like a really nice place. The one thing that I have noticed is that there are a few Dental Clinics. I know the one at the hospital is free. But, should there be three or four other clinics if there is one for free? was nice to see something that the GCCBA has been a part of.

We also stopped by the Police Department but the chief was not there and so we did not talk to anyone really. Miguel just told one of the officers why we were there, and who we are. So tomorrow we are going back to the Police station to meet with him. Then we ventured over to Miguel's church and then to the bank. Once in the bank, I started to get a little light headed. What a nice reminder that I need to drink water even when it is raining. But we got back to the hotel. I was able to guess my way back with Miguel's help. So I am slowing learning the city. Slowly but surely I will know where things are. And then the next day I will be leaving. :) That would be my luck.
Amada stopped by the Hotel today. She invited us to go to the Music School for a concert they are doing for Mother's Day. I am excited. We will be able to see some of the people that we met in Shelby. So hopefully that will give us more people to hang out with.
Courtney found out today that Joey told someone at the Shalom Baptist Church that we would start an English Class. Which is all well and good. I mean, if I am going to teach English with the Peace Corps the more experience the better. So bring on the classes.

Peace Corps Interview

So today was my Peace Corps interview. I was not that nervous about the interview. Before I got the phone call I gave it up to God. I know that if God wants me in the Peace Corps he will allow me to be and if he doesn't than I will not be. I also prayed that if I am not suppose to be in the Peace Corps that he would take the desire away from my heart. So my recruiter and I talked about things. She explained the process a little bit more into detail. She explained that she will put together a recommendation, and then my file is sent off to D.C. where after my background check and my medical checks are done, they will hopefully send me an invitation. My recruiter said that I am a strong candidate for teaching english. The next time a group goes for teaching english is in July to Eastern Europe.
Some of the questions she asked me were like,"What do you do when you are bored or lonely," "How does your family feel about you volunteering."
The good thing about this is that July is when I would have to start paying back my loans. So if it works out it would be great timing. So now I wait. And when I get back in August I have to go to the doctor for all of the medical stuff. Which, I have been told if I can live through that I can live through everything.


Here but not

Yesterday, Courtney and I were suppose to go to the Music School but that did not happen, for two reasons: one the school is planning something special for us, and two I do not think I could have made it. Yesterday my stomach decided to hate me. I do not know why, but it did. I spent most of the day in my room. On top of my stomach's mutiny against my body my head began to have a lovely ache to it. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to experiencing this joy. Anyways today at 8:30 my time and 10:30 Eastern time I have my Peace Corps interview. I am so ready for this thing....not really. I know if God wants me to be in the Peace Corps than he will allow my to be. And if not, I will not. We shall see. Well i am going to prepare for my interview, ie pray. And I will let you know how it goes after.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Consome de Pollo aka Chicken Soup

Today, because my stomach has been hating me all day, I decided to eat Chicken Soup for lunch. So I am sitting waiting for my soup to come. I thinking that I am getting cut up chicken and vegetables nothing really fancy or out of the norm of the United States. So Lester brings out my soup and it has rather large chunks of vegetable which is fine because they are soft and wonderful but what was most shocking about the soup was the fact that there were whole chicken wings. Wings like you eat when you eat buffalowings. Those threw me off a little bit. Ohh but the soup was amazing. It was raining outside so the warmth of the soup was fantastic.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Teaching English

Teaching English was a lot of fun. The girls from the reception desk were a lot of fun.We started with greetings and continued through the process of someone asking for a room, and what not. It was an amazing time, Fany had so much fun with it. They were all being goofy and just enjoying themselves. Courtney and I taught for 2 1/2 hours.
At dinner Courtney and I both realized that we just earned our food. So we sat at the bar and enjoyed our meal. We watched the movie Saint in Spanish. And then we went to the room and did nothing. We waited for things to download on our computer and then nothing again. It is weird being her and once it gets dark we really don't go out because one we don't have any where to go and two after 8ish it gets dangerous. It is very weird.


La Casa de Don Colocho Pasteleria

Today at 10:30 Courtney and I went on our first venture by ourselves. We walked south half a block and west 1.5 blocks to a local pastry shop. It is a very cute little shop with tables large enough that Courtney and I would be able to sit and do some work while we are there. I have found my coffee shop. I think I might go there often. I ordered a pastry with pineapple filling and what they call a Caramel Frappuccino and it was amazing. Both the pastry and the drink cost 30 Cordovas which is a buck fifty. Outside the Pastereria is a school. I do not know what age but while we were sitting next to the window you could here the laughter of the children. It was a good background noise. So sorry to Broad River Coffee Company I do not know if I could ever spend almost 4 dollars on a Frappe any more. :) Yesterday while Courtney and i were waiting for dinner I pulled out my dictionary and said okay the word of the day is......manñoso which means skillful. So we went back and forth picking words of the the dictionary . It was fun. We picked on guys saying that they are skillful at not knowing Moda which means fashion. First word for today is mecedora a rocking chair. Second Lesionar - to injure. I really need to know that word. lol.


Feeling like Paul

This morning I read out of Luke and John. Such familiar stories but a new lesson. For instance, if we are born of the spirit then our spirit is to be like wind. So that made me think about what exactly is wind. You can feel wind, you can see it, but you do not know where it is from or where it is going. I just thought that it was neat that we are suppose to be like wind. So I was writing down my pray for this morning and I was praising God for the people who have been praying for me. And I began to pray for Broad River Community Church. I also began to miss the community greatly. BRCC has had such an impact on who I am spiritually. So I feel like Paul because he writes to the churches who are teaching the truth and says that he wishes he could be there, and he praises God for them. And I praise God for the community of BRCC. I pray that God blesses you and watches over you. I love you all very much and I miss you with all my heart.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today was a very uneventful day. We did not go to the morning service at Shalom Baptist Church because unforeseen circumstances. But, the rain started again around 1:30ish. And around 2ish I went on a walk with Amada. Amada is part of the music school in Jinotega. She was the only girl that came to the North Carolina when the school came in April. We walked around just talking. Then I went to the bookstore. and we were caught in the rain. We waited about 10 minutes in the store to walk a block and wait about another 10-20 minutes for the rain to lighten up a little then we walked back to the hotel. Courtney and I went to Shalom for their evening service at 5pm. It was a good service for not being able to understand most of it. But, it was cool because we go the concept and that is what matters. But also I could feel the presence of God in the building and could see it in the faces of the people. It was sort of weird because not only did I not know everyone but we can not communicate as freely as we want to. But it was fine. I am trying to get used to the looks that I get. I am not saying that I am the only one who will come and girls will get looks, but I am 5'11". Most women are not this tall, especially in Nicaragua. But it is okay. It is who I am and that just means I can help shorter people reach things on the top shelf at the store. Tomorrow we go to the Town Hall and I guess that we are starting what we came here to do. I have been ready to start working because I am not good at sitting in a room all day and doing nothing.

So we apparently are getting treated like presidential guests. It is crazy, I never have been treated like this before. One of the waiters Domingo, is wonderful. He has been our waiter for the weekend. He is such a hard worker. His spirit just overflows and it is wonderful. It makes me want to be his friend so much. Courtney and I have started teaching little English to Fany and Victoria. Just small things. But it is a start.

Today there was a party in the hotel's restaurant. It was a catered event for a baptism. It was interesting seeing all these people here. Sort of funny. There was a guy who stopped me an asked why I was here. He said if I wanted to help Nicaraguans, I need to get them to work. I agree with him. People need to work and not live off of handouts. Anyways tomorrow we start and I am very excited.

Miss you all

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jinotega Here We Come

Friday is the day that we travel up to Jinotega. I am very excited about it. So we call Miguel this morning again. We have been calling him once or twice a day since we have been here. But we have had no answer. So finally he calls us. He says that he has been in the mountains and that he can not get us today. So...Rodney says that he is able to get take us to Jinotega. Praise God for his free time. So we packed up our stuff which made us sweet soo much and we started our journey to Jinotega. Yes, I say journey because it was a journey. We started off going to the bank so Rodney can get money for his residency card. So we say the mall that the bank was in. there was a McDonalds. I really do not want to eat at an American restaurant while in Nicaragua. Anyways so we get the money that Rodney needs and then we all go to immigration. So we pull into this parking lot that is not really for the immigration office. Rodney and Gio know this but it is the safer parking lot. But we walk over to the office and there are people calling at us trying to see if we need photos, or anything for the immigration process. It was interesting. But the nice little finger shake helped a lot with keeping people from coming up and bothering us. So Courtney and I sat and watched Gio and Rodney run from office to office. Finally, Rodney cam and sat down and said that now they have to pay with dollars not cordóvas. So now we had to wait for Gio to go and come back. Rodney explained to us that going to the movies is like the same thing. You have to go to one person get a piece of paper that says what movie you want to watch and then you go to someone else who takes that paper and gives you the ticket. Then if you want anything like popcorn and a drink you go to a person who marks off what you want. Then you take it to a person who gives you the popcorn and signs the paper saying you have received it, and you go through the same process for the drink. The reason it is like this, we were told is because They needed to create jobs for people. Sort of an alphabet soup type of thing but to an extreme. Anyways, Gio cam back and they paid what they had to and Go then went into an office and came out with a 5 year residency card and a piece of paper saying that they will get their money back in a month. It was awesome that he got that. Like many things in life it is about who you know. Which it should not be but it is. After that Courtney and I wanted to take Gio and Rodney to lunch. We were going to eat at the food court but because we all wanted pizza we decided that we should go to Pizza Hut. So there goes my choice of not eating in a American restaurant.
After Lunch we were off to Jinotega. The road to Jinotega, Beautiful, and wonderfully serene, I feel asleep for the first hour in a half, i think. But once I cam back the scenery was beautiful. All along the Pan-American Highway there were several little towns. You could tell that all of them were very poor. On the way when we would find out how long we were away from Jinotega, I would get really excited about being near but then realizing that Rodney and Gio wee going to leave us. I felt like my first time going to week long camp. Ohh if you read Courtney's blog she wrote it before me but I said it in the car. She stole my thought. Anyways. but the feeling of seeing Jinotega and then realizing that we are being left there. But, we will see them soon, which is great.
Well....we arrived at the Hotel and set up or room. We saw Jimmy and Jr's room. We almost got that room. But.. we said that we can not take that one because that is Jimmy's. No not really. That room was not even an option. We are now in the room right next to the kitchen. Room 18. It is nice. There were no dressers so we made do, and then Tere gave us dressers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Somoza and History

Today I woke up, and had another great breakfast of fruit and gallo pinto, egg, and fried plantains. A little after that Courtney and I had a history lesson from Rodney. It was a lot to learn in a short matter of time but it was very important. Now we know a little more about the people we are trying to build relationships with. After the lesson we went to Somoza's old house which has been turned into a park. It was interesting to see.

Then after that we went to see Old Managua. We saw the old Cathedral that was left but no one can enter it. It is a beautiful building. There was so much detail everywhere. I can only wonder how it looked when it was still in use. There was an earthquake that destroyed part of Managua. And now there are buildings that are condemned but people still live in them. These photos have been edited if you were wondering. Only the ones of the Cathedral.

There was a boy there, that I thought could have been maybe in his teens which probably means he was a little older. He made Courtney and me each a flour. The flower was made out of a stalk of some sort. It was interesting driving down there. Rodney had said that we would see if it was okay to get out of the car because it is a dangerous part of town. And when we arrive at the Cathedral he says okay get out you'll be fine. Great right. But we were fine. There was no problem.

After we left that part of the city we went back to the house. Where Rodney proceeded to make a Mango Cobbler. After dinner, we had the cobbler for dessert with some vanilla ice cream. Me gusta mucho. It was amazing. I do not think I can eat another cobbler again. It was the best thing I have eaten for dessert for a long time. Courtney and I were able to talk to Joey and I was able to talk to my mom. Both conversations were a blessing.

Tomorrow we go to Jinotega. I am not sure how I can leave Gio and Rodney. But, I will have to. They have adopted us as their family and It has been a great way to enter into another country. But at the same time it has not felt like another country because a lot of English has been spoken. Tomorrow less English. I hope at least

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a wonderful night of sleep. I slept sooo good. I woke up and went into the kitchen and sat at the table to read my Bible. I have this thing that is 30 days with Jesus and then 60 days with Paul. I also am going to do a study on Philippians. Then I ate this marvelous breakfast that consisted of a plate of fruit including; pineapple, watermelon, and a banana. After that I had 1 egg, some fried plantains, and gallo pinto. It was a wonderful breakfast but rather large. So later that day Courtney and I asked Gio if she could lesson the portion of fruit if we were going to eat everything else too, and it was good after that. The fried plantains were sooooo good. She gave us this cream to eat with them it was not that good. So we did not eat that again. After everyone ate and we were all ready to go we went to the Volcano at Masaya. It was really cool. There are 3 or 4 volcanoes in row. One was filled in. There is a cross there that there are a couple of theories about why it is there.

I can only remember one and it was because when explores came they thought that they found the gates of hell so they marked it with a cross.

You could taste the sulfur a little bit but it was not bad. Rodney has been wanting to do an interview with us. Something that can be put together as a presentation. He wanted to interview us when we first arrived, during our work, and right before we leave. So people can see our different perspectives of everything. So we started the interview and then one of the park rangers came up so say that we were not able to do this. We began to question why and everything and he said that you can only can film for personal use. We explained that we are only using this for personal use but he did not believe us. Mainly this was the case because we are gringos with a nice video camera.

So we hang out for a little longer so see if the ranger's superiors say we can but they continue to say no. So we walk down the stairs and hang out for a little bit longer. Ohh before we went up to the cross, were were at the side of volcano and Courtney got up on a pile of lava rocks and said, "I'm on tome of the world," perfectly normal I rad up and pretended slash actually push her down and I fell and hurt myself. Silly me so I have a picture of my first injury in the country.

We ended up just leaving after trying again with the interview but the wind was too strong. So we left and went back to the house. Rodney took us to meet the Wisconsin Nicaraguan Partners. Apparently Nicaragua is the sister country of Wisconsin. Would we have ever been told this by someone we work with here no. Rodney told us this about a week ago when we met him in the states. Then we went back to the house and hung out. Ate chicken and yellow rice. Another wonderful meal. It was soooo God.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day of Travel Part 2

So my dad takes me to the airport and hlps me with my luggage, getting my ticket, and walks Courntey and I to the security check point. Hugs and I love you's and we go through without a hitch. Go to our gate and wait. I called a few people to say goodbye to them and read a little bit. I began observing a group of people at another gate. I really wanted to be their friend. They were dressed like they should be in the Peace Corps or Americorps. I wanted to go up and say hello but I didn't sort of sad but oh well know.

So we waited a little longer for our plane to be ready. We went through the gate and our plan was not the largest plane in the world. But it will work. So we sat on the runway for a while waiting for our turn to take off, which put us back a while. The flight was fine, I asked for Sprite to drink and they gave me water. No big deal. So we arrived in Miami around 12:30, okay not horrible only 20 minutes late, but our flight leaves at 1;00. After 10 minutes of waiting to get off the plane Courtney and I try to find our next gate. We have around 20 minutes to get from Gate D32 to E30. That does not sound to bad but ohh it was. We had to go the entire way of the airport and then wait for a train to take us to a separate building to our gate. We arrived at our Gate at 12:58. The clerks at the desk had locked the doors, turned off the escalator, and everything. This is the closest I have ever been to missing a flight. Who knows if we were there only two minutes later would they of let us in. But once we got on the plane we sat there for almost an hour because of a part that needed to be fixed. So here is the question... Did God have that part break because we were going to be late? Any way you look at the situation, Praise God that he allowed us to get onto the plane.

Arriving in Manauga was sort of funny. We had to walk in front of this thermal camera, so if we had a fever of some sort we would not of been allowed into the country. Pretty funny if you ask me. I went through Immigration fine, without a hitch. Got my luggage and went to meet Rodney and his wife Gio and waited for Courtney. Well it took her about 15 minutes to get through immigration. Do not know why but they would not let her through. She asked why are you asking me questions and you did not ask her any thing, we are going to the same place. All the guy said was that you are different. How ridiculous that was. But oh well she got through and we got to the car and we were off. We wen to a place that sold Papasa. It is a little bread pocket that had different things in it. I ordered one that hand cheese and beans in it. And it came with a slaw sort of thing that was better than any type of slaw I have ever had. After eating we went to the house rested up a little, and then went to the grocery store. Ate a late dinner and then, talked and bed. A nice way to enter into another country.

Day of Travel Part 1

So this morning Ihad to wake up at 5:30. Why you might ask if my flight is not until 10, did I have to wake up at 5:30. Well I had to go to work with my dad. Which I interesting but, not something that I really wanted to do. I only had to be there for aobut an hour and 45 minutes. So I woke up to my day knoking on the bed room door saying that it was time to wake up and that he was getting into the shower. Not really sure why I needed to know that he was getting into the shower but whatever. Slowly I rolled around on the bed and then finally put my feet on the gound and I was awake ready to go. I began doing everything that I had to do: brush my teeth, put last minute things in my suitcase, and get them into the car. Stuff like that. So, I was ready at 6am to get into the car and say goodbye to my house for three months.
So basically my time at COATS, the company my dad works for, consistedof: reading, drinking coffee, and my dad showing me off. He would intorduce me to his co-workers and he would tell them that I am going to Nicaragua for the summer. It made me feel really good, because my dad was proud of me, and he was showing me off. It was great. So then i went on my way to the airport in which Courtney was waiting for me there. Went throug secruity find and was off waiting for our plane to leave.


This will be a very short post. I am about to be on my way to the airport from my dad's work. I had to leave the house at 6 in the morning. Yuck!!!! But I also get to spend some more time with my dad before I leave which is very important. It is now 7:44 So...Love you all and I will let you know how the day went in a little less than 12 hours. Our flight lands at 1:35 Pray that we will travel safely and have no problems with custums. Shalom

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Night Before

So some may say that I am a procrastanator, but I do not think of myself as one, at least most of the time. I had my suitcases packed, but I wanted to go thorugh them again so I started but I thought I had way to much stuff. So I began to try the wonderful task of getting down to one suitcase. Consequently enough, the nice thing is that my sister bought me a new suitcase for my birthday. A beautiful light and large suit case. So after about 15 minutes of going through my belongings I pack up the suitcase and weigh it. How much 54lbs. Not fair. I open the suitcase again. Not really anything that I feel like can go. So I pick up my phone and call Courtney. As I am waiting for her to answer I am praying that she will say she is checking 2 bags. So she answers and I as the question, and what does she say.....She is checking 2 bags. A wave of relief went over me. I will not be the only one taking 2 suitcases. So I repacked some the the things that I took out and then got ready for the early morning.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Water Missions International

Courtney and I drove down to Charleston, SC for training on how to put together and maintain the water filtration system that will be placed in Dantanli Nicaragua. First I want to describe to you what this organization does. Water Missions International is a great organization that follows Matthew 25, and gives the nations water when they are thirsty. WMI puts in the filter but there is much work that the community must go through before the filter will be placed. The Christian organizations, wether it is a single church or a group of churches of different denominations, they must work together before the filter will be placed. The organizations or churches are to build a non-profit organization thats purpose is to maintain the water filter in every way. Once this the organization is established the community needs to build a shelter that will protect the filter from: weather, animals, or any other types of dangers. So after an engineer takes a look at the circumstance of the water source the village will get their filter. They will keep the filter as long as they maintain it properly, and use it. WMI hopes that the organization will use this filling the physical needs as a way to fill the spiritual need of the Living Water; Jesus Christ. Courtney and I arrived at the office an hour before the training was going to begin. We were welcomed with open arms by our brothers and sisters. We were able to join the team at Water Missions in their time of prayer and devotion. Each morning the group shares their victories from the day before and their priorities for the coming day. As we went around the circle a second time we shared things that we are stuck with and need prayer for. Then we prayed and had a small devotion. After the devotion we split off into smaller groups. This was amazing!!! It was such a blessing to be a part of a group, without any questions or worries of judgement. Praise God for what he changes us into. A new creation.

Did you know that 25,000 people die from a lack of safe water and sanitation every day. Every day!! 25 x 365 9,125,000 people a year. That is a lot of people dying when we could do so much for them by giving them clean water. Water Missions has helped 40 different countries have clean water.

In Water Missions International's office there is a map that shows all of the countries that they have helped. Each number and yellow dot represents how many filters have been placed in each country.

During the training Courtney and I were able to see a water system being tested. We were also trained with a guy that was traveling to Peru to remove a system from a village and moving it to another. The village that is loosing the filter has not used it. They decided that they would rather keep getting the water from the river, and not have clean water. Gene, the volunteer who trained us, said that if there is to much chlorine flavor in the water they will not drink it. After we saw how the system worked we took it apart. Taking it apart was fun, many of us got wet. Well, okay so I sort of got Courtney a little wet when I took off the hoses from the manifold. But, it was an accident. *wink, wink* After a nice lunch with the volunteers at Water Missions Courtney and I finished up the day with packing up a system. So now we are even more aware of how exactly the system will look like when we see it in Nicaragua.

Here is a photo of us with the packaged system. Well part of it at least. Thanks to Volunteer Michael for taking the picture

God Bless until next time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday night was the hardest yet to say goodbye to someone. I said goodbye to two of my roommates. And thinking of them right now is bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, I will see them again. But, one will be married when I see her next, and the other one will be finishing up his time with the AmeriCorps shortly after my return. Last night Sam was giving me all of this false advice that, was nothing less than hilarious. And that was more difficult to sit through than the hug and bye. I am sitting on my bed in my new room at the BECAP house, remembering all of the fun, crazy, bad, and amazing times that we all have had in this house. Thank you God, for allowing me to move in to this house, and I pray that this next year will be as good or as better has this past year has been. I love everyone who I have lived in the house with. To them I give my love and my prayers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Less Than a Week

This time next week I will be in Managua, Nicaragua. It is truly hard to believe. I am still in shock, and slowly my mind is wrapping itself around the idea of three months in another country. I am amazed to see how God has blessed me and put people in my life to help me prepare for a moment such as this one. So, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has influenced me, everyone whom God has used to encourage me, strengthen me, and guided me. This week as I have packed it has been a journey through my four years at Gardner-Webb. This place has been my second home. So I have made piles of, "things going home","Things going to Nicaragua", "Things to trash", and "Things to give away." I believe that I have had a very lucky experience at Gardner-Webb that most people do not get. Freshmen year I was given an older brother and sister, people to look out for me while they were here. One of which was the one who got me into photography. So, a big thank you to Kaylin Bowers.

Sunday at Broad River Community Church I was prayed over by my community that I have been apart of for over 2 years. They laid hands on me and I felt the love that God has for them, and for me through those hands. I pray that this memory does not leave me. It tells me of their love and support for me. I will not see them for three long months but, BRCC will be forever in my prayers. I love that community with all of my heart. And I praise God for them, for their support guidance, This community has been such a light to me, other students, and the community of Cleveland County. Their truth will shine through any darkness, because it is the truth of Jesus Christ. I was saying goodbye to one of the members who has been a large part of my life for the last year or so, and I was telling her I was nervous. And she said just walk, and I would be okay, Just walk. What a simple and grand thing to try to do. Walk: to move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet of the ground at once. Walking one step at a time, slowly remembering to have one foot on the ground at a time rooted in the truth and strength of Jesus Christ. So I pray as I finish out this week with training and traveling I pray that I walk, walk to the truth, and into light. Knowing and believing that Christ is right there with me every and all day no matter what. So I beg of you also to walk. Walk at a regular pace, never having both feet of the ground.

Yesterday night was the hardest yet to say goodbye to someone. I said goodbye to two of my roommates. And thinking of them right now is bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, I will see them again. But, one will be married when I see her next, and the other one will be finishing up his time with the AmeriCorps shortly after my return. Last night Sam was giving me all of this false advice that, was nothing less than hilarious. And that was more difficult to sit through than the hug and bye.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Beginning

There's the about how my life got turned upside down...... okay seriously.. let me tell you the details about how this summer came about. Shelby, NC has a sister city, Jinotega, Nicaragua. For several years now groups have been going down to Jinotega. The Mayor of Shelby, has been a participant in these trips. He approached Spanish professors at Gardner-Webb University to see if any one would be willing to go to Jinotega and act as a liaison between Jinotega and Shelby. So, in the fall Dr. Moore came to me and told me about this opportunity to spend the summer in Nicaragua. I met with the mayor and began a process of prayer and meditation. So... along came the month of March and Courtney and I bought our tickets for the summer.

We are Leaving May 19 and returning August 15. Which Means less than 9 days.