Monday, May 18, 2009

The Night Before

So some may say that I am a procrastanator, but I do not think of myself as one, at least most of the time. I had my suitcases packed, but I wanted to go thorugh them again so I started but I thought I had way to much stuff. So I began to try the wonderful task of getting down to one suitcase. Consequently enough, the nice thing is that my sister bought me a new suitcase for my birthday. A beautiful light and large suit case. So after about 15 minutes of going through my belongings I pack up the suitcase and weigh it. How much 54lbs. Not fair. I open the suitcase again. Not really anything that I feel like can go. So I pick up my phone and call Courtney. As I am waiting for her to answer I am praying that she will say she is checking 2 bags. So she answers and I as the question, and what does she say.....She is checking 2 bags. A wave of relief went over me. I will not be the only one taking 2 suitcases. So I repacked some the the things that I took out and then got ready for the early morning.


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