Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day of Travel Part 2

So my dad takes me to the airport and hlps me with my luggage, getting my ticket, and walks Courntey and I to the security check point. Hugs and I love you's and we go through without a hitch. Go to our gate and wait. I called a few people to say goodbye to them and read a little bit. I began observing a group of people at another gate. I really wanted to be their friend. They were dressed like they should be in the Peace Corps or Americorps. I wanted to go up and say hello but I didn't sort of sad but oh well know.

So we waited a little longer for our plane to be ready. We went through the gate and our plan was not the largest plane in the world. But it will work. So we sat on the runway for a while waiting for our turn to take off, which put us back a while. The flight was fine, I asked for Sprite to drink and they gave me water. No big deal. So we arrived in Miami around 12:30, okay not horrible only 20 minutes late, but our flight leaves at 1;00. After 10 minutes of waiting to get off the plane Courtney and I try to find our next gate. We have around 20 minutes to get from Gate D32 to E30. That does not sound to bad but ohh it was. We had to go the entire way of the airport and then wait for a train to take us to a separate building to our gate. We arrived at our Gate at 12:58. The clerks at the desk had locked the doors, turned off the escalator, and everything. This is the closest I have ever been to missing a flight. Who knows if we were there only two minutes later would they of let us in. But once we got on the plane we sat there for almost an hour because of a part that needed to be fixed. So here is the question... Did God have that part break because we were going to be late? Any way you look at the situation, Praise God that he allowed us to get onto the plane.

Arriving in Manauga was sort of funny. We had to walk in front of this thermal camera, so if we had a fever of some sort we would not of been allowed into the country. Pretty funny if you ask me. I went through Immigration fine, without a hitch. Got my luggage and went to meet Rodney and his wife Gio and waited for Courtney. Well it took her about 15 minutes to get through immigration. Do not know why but they would not let her through. She asked why are you asking me questions and you did not ask her any thing, we are going to the same place. All the guy said was that you are different. How ridiculous that was. But oh well she got through and we got to the car and we were off. We wen to a place that sold Papasa. It is a little bread pocket that had different things in it. I ordered one that hand cheese and beans in it. And it came with a slaw sort of thing that was better than any type of slaw I have ever had. After eating we went to the house rested up a little, and then went to the grocery store. Ate a late dinner and then, talked and bed. A nice way to enter into another country.


  1. .. owow why did they stop Courtney ? that is crazy but I'm glad that you went through with no problem at all

  2. Jes, I love your pics and your word of the days make me giggle. haha, im so glad you get to have this adventure... and kind of jealous too! enjoy it querida! besos!