Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration

May 30 is Mother's Day in Nicaragua. The Music School invited Courtney and me to their concert that they were having for the student's mothers. It was nice seeing people that I have meet before. There were many that I did not remember or did not know. It was a lot of fun. The music was beautiful, many songs would have been great to dance to.

There was a guy who read some poems. His voice would be perfect for the radio advertisements you hear when the cars drive by. Anyways he read a couple then the students played, and then he read another one. It was a lot more comical than the other poems. It was basically more about loving women, and I think hitting on them in different ways. Not exactly sure. But, he went around asking people different questions and at the end he got to me and he asked me in english were am I from and after I answered he said that he loves me and something about my fragrance falls from the sky.... I'm not really sure. It was a little
embarrassing but funny at the same time.

All of the banners were on the walls along with the pictures. After the concert we were invited to go with the school on Sunday to play at another place. So we agreed that we would go. Which means we have to be ready by 6:30. Wonderful!!!! We also were invited to go to the Disco with some of the students on Saturday night. So late on Saturday night and early on Sunday Morning. I will be okay. All I know is that when I return I will have a nice long nap.

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