Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday night was the hardest yet to say goodbye to someone. I said goodbye to two of my roommates. And thinking of them right now is bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, I will see them again. But, one will be married when I see her next, and the other one will be finishing up his time with the AmeriCorps shortly after my return. Last night Sam was giving me all of this false advice that, was nothing less than hilarious. And that was more difficult to sit through than the hug and bye. I am sitting on my bed in my new room at the BECAP house, remembering all of the fun, crazy, bad, and amazing times that we all have had in this house. Thank you God, for allowing me to move in to this house, and I pray that this next year will be as good or as better has this past year has been. I love everyone who I have lived in the house with. To them I give my love and my prayers.

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