Friday, May 29, 2009

Venturing Out Into the City

So I have been sick of staying in the hotel all of the time. I like it a lot don't get me wrong but I am sick and tired of being inside. So I went out and walked around with my camera and took some pictures. Courtney did not want to go so I did it by myself. I did not take many photos, and I was not out walking very long either. It was when everyone was eating lunch so there were not many people out on the streets and it was rather warm. And It did not rain today. I do not know why but the rain helps cool everything down but there was no rain.

After, I got back I ate lunch and then taught more English. We reviewed the verbs that they learned yesterday and practiced using them. Asking each other questions. They are learning quickly and I get really excited when they do well. I could get used to this teaching English thing.

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