Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Talking in Circles

Courtney and I had a meeting at 8:30 this morning to talk more about the water project. So we left a little late because of a little stomach issue, so we arrived around 8:35. Which to people in the states that is a little, late but for Nicaraguans that is still on time, or even early. So we waited.....8:45....still waiting.....9:00......still waiting.......Courtney, "At 9:30 I'm leaving".......still waiting....9:20ish One of the women from our meeting yesterday walked in the door. So the meeting did not start until 9:30. We waited an hour. Not best thing when you did not have anything to do with you. The meeting consisted of us, and two other people, and then later a guy who spoke some English. Yesterday, Miguel asked us if we could handle the meeting on our own, so it was just us. Which is fine.

So we were told that two communities use the same water system. Which, is news to everyone from Shelby. So we do not know if they are telling us the truth, or the people in Datanli never told the people from Shelby about Los Robles. We will not know for sure until we go an visit Datanli.

We found out that we are not able to visit Datanli until we have permission from the Mayor. So they will call us on Thursday if we can go ahead with this project or not. We have to email the woman contact information about, Water Missions, Shelby Rotary Club, GCCBA. And that is if I can get the email address to work that she gave me. Once we get the permission it will be great. We will not be able to go up on Thursday but Friday will be the best. Verémos

So the meeting lasted about 2 hours to long. Rodney told us that they would like to talk in circles but it was crazy. We had to repeat ourselves many times. But there was a lot accomplished, at least compared to yesterday's meeting.


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