Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday with Fanny

Today we went to Fanny's house after church. I had so much fun. We ate lunch and we had yuca, which is like a potato but blander. We also ate pork rines which is a normal thing for Nicaraguans to eat. Personally, I am not a big fan of them so I ate very few. After lunch we played cards. That was a lot of fun. Courtney and I taught Fanny, her husband and her son how to play Golf, and Egyptian Rat. He son had a lot of fun with that one. After that Courtney and I were able to ride their motorcycle I enjoyed that very much. I played ball with her son a lot, and when it started to rain we all stayed inside and played catch and monkey in the middle. For dinner we ate quesidillas spelling?< type of things. and played more ball. Her son is so cute.
I like being at her house because it gives a different aspect of her life. For one thing we only spoke Spanish. I can see how living with a family helps you learn another language quickly. I have decided that I want a motorcycle one day. I like it very much.


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