Friday, June 5, 2009

1st Century Church, Friday

Courtney and I were invited to go with a group from Shalom to la Cruz. So I thought that we were going up to the Cross. The pastor came and met us at the hotel and so we went. So we got on a bus and we had to wait. First experience with the bus system. Not so bad, people will reach in to the buses to sell things and they would see Courtney and I and think, ohh Gringas will buy something.
So we waited and a couple other people from the church go on the same bus. Normal, yes but, the women was wearing a skirt. Maybe we are not going to the cross. ummmm....... We took the bus to a community, about 15 minutes outside of Jinotega. Getting off the bus was fun. People jammed into it that was fun. So you pay when you get off the bus which is different.
We started to walk down the street and the women stopped at every house. They were inviting people to a church service. Every Friday a group from Shalom travels to this community to host a church service. I was able to take some photos of some children. I hope that if I go again I will be able to talk more photos of the service and the women at the houses.

The church service was held outside of someone's house. It was really neat, A van came and brought chairs and a guitar. The pastor played the guitar and a women from the community lead the songs and a women who lives in Jinotega preached. From a miscommunication turned to a wonderful experience.


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