Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can You Say Intimidating Much

It is hard to believe that today will make it 2 weeks in Nicaragua. If it were not for my watch and that once a week we go to Shalom, I would forget what day it is. I do not mind that feeling that much at all. I woke up this morning and was going to take a shower.

Yesterday, after our meeting we switched rooms. Because this new room has windows which means we do not need to use the air conditioning. So we moved into room 25. Anyways, Courtney told me that the water was cold, but I did not realize how cold. I turned on the shower and hopped into the coldest water I have ever felt in a shower. After the shock went through my body, I decided that showering was not worth this cold water. You know, I normally shower every two days in the states, why change it now.

So I went out to eat breakfast and to read my Bible. I am continuing with my study of 30 days with Jesus, by reading Matthew 5. As I begin to read the guests who arrived yesterday start appearing in the lobby. A group no more than 10 people arrived from the US Embassy yesterday. As Domingo brought my breakfast I look up at the front doors of the hotel and see two Army soldiers standing with rather large rifles. I was not afraid of them but was intimidated by them. The fact that I am in another country and here are two rather large guys with rather large rifles, is sort of intimidating.

They are here for the protection of the group from the Embassy. I think, not completely sure. But, if they are here for their protection, then why are we walking around Jinotega by ourselves? What an enigma.

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