Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheese Factory?

Today we are off to Kilimanjaro. Yes, everyone we are going Africa. We are hopping into a plane and we are going to climb the mountain. Okay so we are going to Kilimanjaro but it is not the one in Africa. We have been invited by Tere's nephew Andres to visit his Coffee Plantation, which is named Kilimanjaro, because it is a mountain among the hills. We were picked up around 10:00, in a van that said tourismo/tourism. Not the most inconspicuous of cars. We also picked up on of the other men from the Rotary Club. He lived in Canada for over 20 years. He speaks English which came in handy when Andres was talking about Coffee and there were things that I did not understand. I liked him. He was funny, at times he was sort of weird, but he had this cool raspy voice.

We turned into a some sort of factory. I did not read the sign so I did not know where we were. Apparently it was a cheese factory. For some unknown reason we were went on a tour of the factory.
I started searching my mind for memories of a show I have watched about making cheese. Thank you shows like, America Eats, How it's Made, and maybe even Dirty Jobs. Whatever the show I found that memory. It was interesting to say the least. I understood about half of the things the tour guide was saying. There was another couple visiting Andres also. The husband is Andres' brother-in-law, he is from Nicaragua and the wife is from California. She was in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps in the 70's.

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