Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pecan Grove

Today was a fantastic day. For the past few days there has been a group from a church called Pecan Grove out of Richmond, Texas. They work with a local church on the outskirts of Jinotega. The church´s name escapes me at the moment. The people from Pecan Grove have been extremely nice. They allowed me to travel with them today. Courtney would have gone also but she was not feeling herself today. I ate breakfast with the group, and after their daily time of worship we were off to work. While the men began working on the roofs of some houses the women and I walked up a hill and went inviting people to the church service that was being held at 6:30. I was asked to help translate. For everday conversation I can do okay, but when it come to praying, I have no clue. Translating for religous events is much more difficult than I expected. And for me translating from English to Spanish is much more difficult anyway. I was able to talk around words that I did not know, and I can not for the life of me remember the word for pray. But here it is thanks to wordreference.com ORAR now hopefully I will be able to remember the word. If Jose wants me to interepret for him in the fall I have a lot more practicing.

Anyways, after we finished inviting people to chruch two women from the group their names are Leah and Shonda, and I went to a house to work with a girl who has ceberal palsy. Shonda is a physical therapist and God had put a burden on her heart about this girl named Rubenia. So, I went with her because one I could help this time, and I think that I might be able to help with this girl while I am here. Rubenia is taken care of by her older sister during the morning and when her sister has to go to school Rubenia is left with a neighbor. Shonda showed me what she has been donig with Rubenia, and I also did it so I could return in the future to help her. In the past 3 days Rubenia has had a months worth of progress. 3 days for 1 month, how incredible is that. Another great thing is that I have worked with a cerberal palsy patient for 6 months with hipotheropy. There so happens to me a young man about my age who has a horse, who is willing to help with the hipotherapy when Rubenia is strong enough.

Last night I spent some time with Leah and Shonda, I have now been deemed a prospect for Jose, the man who has the horse. They spent about half an hour last night telling me how great he is. So now this will be interesting, to say the least.
Jim the pastor also told me today while we were inviting people to the church service that I was getting fought over. Appearently, Jose being one of them. Which is compeltely different from the states. So yes, I am a little flatered by the fact that I am getting fought over. So the entire day I have been the topic of the men in the church and the group from Pecan Grove. Okay so maybe not the entire day but the better part of it at least.

We returned to the hotel after eating a wonderful lunch. We had tacos that were made by the pastor or his wife. We returned to the hotel to rest so I read a little bit and was about to hit real sleep when I was awoken by Shonda´s voice, saying that we were leaving at 5. I was kind of sad but I will just sleep well tonight.

They bought some rice and beans to be given at the church service and we were headed back to the church. The service was held outside and it was wonderful. I enjoyed the music so much. Shonda gave a testimony about how God provides. It was about me being here and how it is not a accident and that God had planned for us to meet, and me to go today and see Rubenia. She also happen to say, while saying that Jose has a horse that he so happens to be single and I so happen to be single, and that we do not know what might happen. So as soon as she said that I am sure you could of looked at my face and seen 6 different shades of red. I think that moment was one of my most embarrassing moments of my life. Not only does he kow I am single but now everyone who is in that commuity knows that both of us are single. I am still in shock about the whole situation. I mean you never know what God will be but now it seems like there is a lot more pressure on just a friendship with Jose.

More to come Paz

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