Saturday, June 6, 2009

No More Meat...

Today we were suppose to go to Datanli with Miguel. Unfortunately, the pastor was not in Datanli. So we did not go. Courtney and I got ready and waited for Miguel when Fanny walked over and told us that the trip was canceled. Oh well... We both had rough nights sleep so we went back to our beds for a little nap.
We did not have anything else planned today. We did not know how long the trip to Datanli was going to be so we did not plan the rest of the afternoon. After talking to Amada and finding out that she is busy studying for her finals, we were forced to hang out around the hotel.

I want to start reading New Moon, but I did not bring Twilight in English so to build that emotional attachment that I needed. I also began to read Midnight Sun. Oh my goodness Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful author. I continue to have my wonderful problem that I have always had and I was finally sick of it. Courtney and I went to a pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist to see what I need to talk. Don't worry, it is nothing serious, if you are my family and my roommates you know what I am talking about.

So I told her what the problem was and now I will be known as the American with this particular problem. Not, the best reputation that I would like to have, but I can not control it. She told me that I am not able to eat meat (I hope for only the next few days.) and I can only drink water.

Which means......I can only really eat the typical breakfast that they have on the menu.

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