Monday, June 8, 2009


Today a lot of people checked into the hotel. Nothing much happened after that. We were not able to teach English at the hotel because of the work load that the new guests but the staff under.

Today we taught our first English Class at Shalom. We waited until 5:30 for anyone to come. Only one boy showed up. He is a 10 year old who looks like he is 7 or 8 named Orenestes. A very cule little boy. We tried working on the alphabet but it was difficult for him to get it until I put how to pronounce it in Spanish underneath each letter. I try to remember how I first began learning Spanish. Mrs. Hurnandez. Senior Year of High School. All I remember doing is a lot of writing, and finishing my class assignments early and getting in trouble for starting on my homework early.

I do not know how to teach English, as a second language it would be so much easier to do so. Second language means that you are in the country where it language is spoken. Here English is a foreign language, and extremely hard to teach.

Tonight we also met with the Rotary Club of Jinotega. We presented the water project to them. They agreed that they would provide the chlorine tablets for the filter. We stayed a little longer in the meeting, they began talking about different things that hey had to do, meetings they had to go to. We found out that hey are going to Leon the last week of July and it is possible that we will be able to go with Tere. Who knows.


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