Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Plague

I have decided that Courtney has the plague. NO this is not really true. But I do not have time for being sick. Tomorrow I am going to work with Rubenia but I do not think Courtney should go. I need another person to help so I think I might ask Margine. Her sisters can help but I would like someone else to go with me too. I just asked Margine and she said that she will go with me today to help Rubenia.

So we went to Rubenia's house today. She is rather stubborn at times. She is sitting up well, but the same as before. She is pulling her self up, and with a little help from me her legs become straight. Her legs stretch out easily. At points she is not willing to do work. But, when I said that we were going to go she would want to work a little bit more. I do not think she is strong enough yet for the horse. We shall see. After working with Rubenia we visited Nala and Oscar at the church. We sat and talked about simple things. Sunday I am going to go to their church in the morning. It starts at 9:30. Oscar asked me if I was going to help with the kids, I said I can. I think that he might be asking me this for one because Jose works with the kids. I am not sure but we will see on Sunday.

A week from today we are suppose to be on our way to Costa Rica. I will need to talk to Shawn but I think it will work out. Thursday in itself will be a day of travel. And then Monday also. Miguel said it would be like 9 hours. Oh boy I am excited. okay not that excited.

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