Monday, July 13, 2009

Safe and Sound

Courtney and I arrived safe and sound this afternoon in Managua. We took the bus and a taxi to Rodney's house. We ate dinner and then Jimmy one of Gio's drivers took us to the airport to wait for Tara. It is a very interesting feeling to be waiting for someone in the airport. I know I have had to do this in the past, but not for a very long time, and never in a foregin country. I am pretty excited that I will be able to do this again in August. Tara is here and she is safe for all who know her, and who are worried about her arrival. Isidro arrives tomorrow after Courtney leaves for the states. We think we might go and see a movie in the theaters. Wednesday I think we will go Granada, and possible with Rodney and Gio. Tomorrow Tara and I are going to plan our week with Isidro. So all is well and we will be in touch. Love you all


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