Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting Kicked Out

So Courtney and I arrived back from class Fanny had something to tell us. Before I knew what it was I was telling Fanny how we were going to Granada and Ometepe and that our friend will be returning with us. I asked if she could live with us in our room and Fanny said no. Fanny continued to say that we are being forced to move out of the hotel. Tere told Fanny that she wanted us out by tomorrow. Fanny told Tere moving by tomorrow is not possible. So We are moving out by Friday, conveniently just before she returns from her vacation. Why you might ask are we being forced out? I have no clue. Tere did not give a reason for this. Not only are we not able to live at the hotel but we are now also not able to eat here also. Yes, I am upset. Mainly, because Tere made Fanny tell us, she made my Nicaraguan Mother cry, because she was too cowardly to talk to us herself.

I know that you can not have the same standards for a non-believer that you have for a believer, and I now that people fail each other. But when someone goes back on their word to you and to several other people it hurts. Now, my respect for her is almost completely gone. My love for her needs to get past my emotion and see her how Christ sees her. As someone who is hurting the body, someone who needs him more than ever.

We are now moving in with Fanny and someone else. Fanny said someone else but I do not remember who. When Tara comes to visit she will also be staying with Fanny with Courtney. I will be staying with whom ever the other is. Well, Helen Keller is right, Life is a daring adventure.


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